Today’s Micro Recipe

Today for a post workout snack I made a red cabbage wrap filled with beef. My plan was to get a boost of vitamins, protein, and flavor. Cabbage, particularly the red variety is one of the healthiest foods in you market. It’s great for men’s health issues and as a general detoxifier particularly of the lungs. I spiced things up with ginger and sriracha both known for aiding in weight loss and circulatory health.

Overall it turned out to be a tasty 10 minute meal, that was well worth the work and easy to manage with aching arms and hands.


1 large washed red cabbage

2-3 oz ground beef

thin slice of ginger

1/2 clove garlic

3 thin onion slices

handful of shredded carrot




Cook the beef with the garlic and ginger in a wok or pan with steaming rack. Remove and set aside. Add water and steaming rack to pan/wok. Place beef, carrot, onion, salt to taste, and sriracha to the cabbage leaf. Roll it like a burrito. Secure with toothpicks. Place on steaming rack when water comes to a boil. Steam 5 minutes.

Total time 10 minutes, serves 1.