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Check us out on tumblr, if you don’t twitter, for updates news and some exclusive content down the line.

We have begun posting new micro recipes to our twitter feed once again! Check them out here.

Also, check out our friends; Embrace Food and A Beer For Everyone.

Checkered Pig has a restaurant in my home town, and it’s amazing! I’m re-posting this video from a 2008 competition they won in the run up to a review of their brisket that I’m writing.

So after some cajoling from friends and family, I’m getting back to the blog with renewed energy. Tonight I experimented with a Paella recipe and I should have it refined and on the blog in no time. I also expect to publish a beer review, a winter chili recipe, and some tips for over wintering your pepper plants. So, keep an eye out in the coming weeks.

We’ve temporarily moved to a new test kitchen after a move and a long break. I’ll try and post some photos soon. Stay tuned for great food and great ideas.

Welcome to The Garlic Press and Company, a new blog with a new spin on culinary press. We provide a number food information services. But what are food information services? Quite simply, they include recipes, restaurant reviews, video guides, and product reviews to name a few. Each week we will be in our test kitchen, crawling the pubs, and drinking a lot of wine all so that you can benefit from our experience.

The Garlic Press and Co. will be up and running soon. Check back in 24 hours.